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Category: Drug Addiction

New Season Treatment Center Provides Careful Withdrawal Method and Proven Recovery Route for Patients Facing Fentanyl Addiction

Originally debuted in the 1960s as an intravenous anesthetic to dull severe pain post-surgery or in advanced-stage cancer, fentanyl now stands as the most deadly drug among all illicit opioids….

Is My Loved One Addicted to Pain Medication?

Your friend or family member may be misusing prescription pain medication if they exhibit the signs below. Use this checklist to decide. He/she takes more of the medication than prescribed…

Am I Misusing Pain Medication?

Approximately 30 percent of U.S. adults live with chronic pain, and many manage the pain with prescription medication. While narcotic painkillers reduce the feeling of pain, they are also designed…

Scientists Theorize that Medication-Assisted Treatment May Heal the Brain, Stop Drug Cravings

Researchers dig to understand if medications like methadone used to treat opioid use disorder actually reverse the damage caused to the brain from addiction, according to an NBC news story….

A Great Comeback Story of Recovering Opioid User Who Now Gives Back

If you or a loved one are experiencing opioid use disorder, you have so much life left to live; a world who needs the gift of your talents. Please contact us at New Season if you believe we can help you make a triumphant comeback to take back your life and give back to others.

Teen Opioid Use: What Parents Must Know Now

It used to only be mangled cars and high school student-actors dramatizing the could-be, alcohol-induced, deadly collision to stress the importance of not drinking and driving. Now it’s also staged…

Opioids and Pregnancy

You take prescription painkillers or use heroin, and you’ve just found out you may be pregnant. Now what? Research tells us NOT to suddenly stop taking opioids. It could cause…

Family Uses Christmas Lights to Raise Awareness of Opioid Misuse

A Maryland family brings awareness to opioid addiction through a meaningful display of Christmas lights and music for the third straight year. Jim and Helen Kurtz of Bel Air, Md.,…

Opioid Epidemic in the News: “I died and came back, and I still wanted to get high.”

Soledad O’Brien reported this week in the segment, “Matter of Fact,” that while life expectancy around the world is rising, the average American isn’t expected to live past 80-years-old. For…

Reaching Recovery Through Substance Abuse Counseling

Patients focused on overcoming addiction should consider counseling as a key component of their rehabilitation and healing. Addiction is a ravaging mental health disease that can best be overcome by…