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Grassroots Efforts Help Maintain New Season’s Prominence as the Leading Methadone Clinic Nationwide

People addicted to prescription pain medication and heroin do not always seek out treatment; sometimes the treatment has to be brought to their attention. That’s why teams of New Season…

New Season Expands in Mississippi to Better Serve Patients Affected by Opioid Misuse

“Be bold: speak out to prevent opioid addiction. Be brave: share how you recovered from opioid addiction. Be better: find out about treatment options.” The slogan cited above for the…

New Season Helps Pry Open the “Deep Claws and Deep Teeth” of Addiction

“Heroin,” a Memphis, Tenn., firefighter said, “has deep claws and deep teeth.” Lt. Jason Berry said he and his crew “can’t even put an approximate number on the [overdose] calls…

Medications Prove Vital to Saving Victims of Opioid Overdose

Take a Deep Dive into the Treatment Medications Reversing Heroin and Painkiller Drug Addiction In the pop of just an extra dose, a prescription pain medication user becomes an abuser….

Is Methadone the Right Treatment to Help You or a Loved One Overcome Drug Addiction?

Consider These 10 Points to Determine if Methadone is the Best Fit for Your Fight Against Illegal Opioid Addiction Is methadone right for me? Methadone is among the safest and…