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On the Road to Recovery: New Season Treatment Center Launches Mobile Opioid Treatment Unit. Read more here.


Mobile Medication Unit

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Reducing transportation barriers to treatment.

The mobile opioid addiction treatment unit, "On the Road to Recovery," is set to begin service in July. As an extension of the Portland Treatment Center, this innovative unit will provide crucial access to patients in rural areas, significantly reducing transportation barriers to treatment.

The mobile unit will feature two dosing windows, allowing for quick and convenient daily dosing—an exceptional feature for these types of units. Unlike many other mobile units that only offer induction services, New Season’s unit is designed for comprehensive support and daily medication dispensation. While in-person crisis counseling will eventually be available on-site, virtual counseling services will be conducted via telehealth for convenient holistic care.

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Victory Outreach Church

16022 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97233

Mobile unit services:

Daily Dosing

Two dosing windows allow for quick medication dispensation (methadone, buprenorphine, and Suboxone®)

Intake Opportunities

The induction process may begin on-site to begin the recovery journey in a timely manner.

Crisis Counseling

Emergency counseling services are available to reduce potential harm and setbacks.

Telehealth Services

Convenient quality healthcare services through the use of videoconferencing minimize disruption to daily responsibilities.

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On the Road to Recovery

Mobile Medication Unit

Check out our new mobile medication unit with this great walk-through video of the interior of the clinic. 

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