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On the Road to Recovery: New Season Treatment Center Launches Mobile Opioid Treatment Unit. Read more here.


Community & Learning Events

Part of New Season's mission is to strengthen community wellness. We do this by collaborating with community partners such as local hospitals, universities, resource organizations and more to increase awareness of Opioid Use Disorder. On this calendar, events such as open houses, learning opportunities and other community-focused events will be posted. Click on each event to learn more and register!

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New Season is a Learning Organization and supports the development of professionals working in the Addictions treatment field. As an approved Continuing Education provider through NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals, we regularly offer FREE workshops. Help us offer more Continuing Education sessions by letting us know what topics interest you by completing this survey below.

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At New Season, we understand the importance of partnering with community leaders and organizations to increase access to patient care and share best practices that serve our patients with the highest quality services. We actively search for strong partners who will elevate the value we can all provide to the individuals who need our support and deliver on our vision of healing our communities together.
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