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Tag: Opioid epidemic

Don’t Be the Dealer: National Drug Take-Back Day

Saturday, April 27 marks this year’s National Drug Take-Back Day. For people battling opioid use disorder, the day signifies much more than a safe disposal of unused or expired medication….

To Deregulate or Not? Addiction Experts Grapple with Who Can Prescribe Buprenorphine

Nearly all Americans can agree that the opioid epidemic is a public health crisis. Most can agree that medication-assisted treatment is a viable solution to help mitigate the opioid epidemic….

Opioid Addiction: 10 Straight-Up Facts

Data tells us that everyone knows someone who is misusing prescription painkillers or abusing heroin. The reach is wide. The stats are alarming. The effects are devastating. Here are 10…

New Season Plays an Integral Role in Texas’ Opioid Addiction Recovery Efforts

Overdose, now the leading cause of accidental death in the U.S., has rightly emerged as the top public health priority. Texas, the second largest state in the union by both…

Alabama Treatment Center Soars Outside their Normal Routine to Reach Victims of the Opioid Epidemic

Flying as high as a kite in the open air must be quite a liberating experience. The same sentiment is felt by victims of opioid abuse who undergo effective treatment…

New Season Expands in Mississippi to Better Serve Patients Affected by Opioid Misuse

“Be bold: speak out to prevent opioid addiction. Be brave: share how you recovered from opioid addiction. Be better: find out about treatment options.” The slogan cited above for the…

New Season Helps Pry Open the “Deep Claws and Deep Teeth” of Addiction

“Heroin,” a Memphis, Tenn., firefighter said, “has deep claws and deep teeth.” Lt. Jason Berry said he and his crew “can’t even put an approximate number on the [overdose] calls…

Dying to Get High? Know the Signs of Addiction and Route to Recovery

Once highly valued members of society — doctors and athletes, teachers and construction workers, mom and dads, brothers and sisters, everyday Americans — are falling victim to opiate addiction. That’s…