Soledad O’Brien reported this week in the segment, “Matter of Fact,” that while life expectancy around the world is rising, the average American isn’t expected to live past 80-years-old. For the third straight year, life expectancy in the U.S. has dropped, and the Center for Disease Control said this can largely be attributed to the nation’s opiate crisis.

To highlight the alarming statistics, O’Brien and her production team followed Sarah Kordenbrock as she battled a heroin addiction. Kordenbrock, a middle class, middle-America teen, was the captain of her high school volleyball and softball teams. After injuring her knee in a championship game, a doctor prescribed her Percocet. She recalls taking two pills on the second day of taking the prescription and liking the “buzz” feeling. “I was immediately in love with it,” she said.

Within a year, she was addicted to heroin when pain pills became too expensive to satisfy her habit.

Her parents intervened, sending her to an intense inpatient treatment and then outpatient recovery center.

She relapsed.

She overdosed.

She almost died.

She was given a second chance.

You can view her story here:

Kordenbrock’s road to recovery was not easy, but her life has since been blessed with a loving husband and darling daughter. She’s a ray of hope for people like her who battle opioid use disorder.

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