Patients focused on overcoming addiction should consider counseling as a key component of their rehabilitation and healing.

Addiction is a ravaging mental health disease that can best be overcome by a dynamic approach to treatment. In addition to medication-assisted treatment, patients should be provided with various counseling programs, including:

  • One-on-one counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Family counseling

There are many benefits to counseling, and it is essential to achieving long lasting success. Counseling helps patients understand the nature of addiction as a disease. Through counseling, individuals explore why they became addicted, what triggers are associated with addiction and ways to develop long lasting plans that will make improvements in all areas of their lives.

Counselors help patients learn how to better cope with stress, handle setbacks and find new ways of making progress. Patients who invest time in counseling reap great benefits. Similar to exercise in combination with diet delivering the best results for weight loss, patients see better results for long term success when they dedicate the appropriate amount of time to counseling in addition to medication-assisted treatment.

The top addiction recovery centers offer these five counseling-related services:

  • Assessment: working with the patient to understand their current wellness status including physical, psychological and emotional health, history and challenges.
  • Individual and Group Counseling Sessions: ongoing dialogue with a patient and ta licensed medical practitioner, sometimes including the support of their peers.
  • Crisis Intervention: family and community support of a patient when it’s needed.
  • Community Resources Referrals: program to connect patients and their families with community providers that assist with housing, food, transportation, employment and other needs.
  • Medical Referrals: a large network of hospitals, doctors and mental health institutions to offer patients continuum of care that treats the whole patient.

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