At New Season Treatment Center, we understand that seeking treatment for addiction can be a challenging journey, and we are committed to providing help to those who need it most. A significant barrier many individuals face when seeking addiction treatment is the burden of financial difficulty. 

It’s disheartening to know that hundreds of patients every year are forced to leave treatment due to financial constraints, leaving their recovery in jeopardy. 

That’s why we are proud to introduce our Grant Program, designed to extend a lifeline to those in need. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to change their life for the better, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Meet Mary Beth Puckett: Our Grants Director

Mary Beth Puckett, our dedicated Grants Director, has a deep passion for helping individuals on their path to recovery. With a wealth of experience, Puckett previously served as the Program Director at the Biloxi Treatment Center for several years before transitioning into the world of grants. She brings a unique perspective and insight into the challenges that patients face in their journey to recovery. 

Speaking about her experience, Puckett emphasizes, “I’ve witnessed firsthand how financial difficulties can stand in the way of people receiving the life-saving treatment they need. The Grant Program is our way of ensuring that more individuals can access the care they require.”

The Power of Grant Funding

Our Grant Program plays a vital role in our operations by providing access to treatment for patients who would otherwise be unable to afford the necessary care. Imagine being in a situation where you are desperate for treatment, but the daily fee is the sole obstacle preventing you from making a positive change in your life. It’s a harsh reality that many individuals face. 

Grants serve as a vital lifeline, providing a much-needed solution to a significant healthcare access challenge. In a landscape where financial hardship, lack of insurance, or unstable employment can lock individuals out of essential medical treatment, grants emerge as a beacon of hope. 

They operate as a “payor of last resort,” extending their reach beyond just uninsured patients to encompass those who are underinsured. This means that grant funding can bridge the gap even for patients with insurance, but who are burdened by the inability to cover their co-insurance and deductibles. 

By doing so, grants play a pivotal role in ensuring that quality healthcare remains within reach for all, regardless of their financial circumstances, offering a lifeline to those in need.

Changing Lives, One Grant at a Time

The impact of grant funding on our patients cannot be overstated. By removing the financial burden, we create a transformational opportunity for individuals to overcome addiction. Puckett shares her perspective: “When patients encounter financial hardships and still have the chance to receive treatment without a cost, it is truly life-changing for them. The weight of financial stress is lifted, allowing them to focus on their recovery journey.”

Beyond Direct Patient Support

Our Grant Program doesn’t stop at covering the cost of treatment. It also extends support to other essential aspects of our centers. Grants and settlement funds are instrumental in subsidizing essential items such as lock boxes for medication security, construction renovations for improved facilities and overdose awareness events for patients. These enhancements create a safer and more supportive environment for our patients as they work towards recovery.

Our Grant-Funded Centers

We are proud to announce that several of our treatment centers are currently benefiting from grant funding while we work toward attaining grant funding for all of our centers nationwide. These centers are strategically located to provide help to as many individuals as possible. Here is a list of the New Season Treatment Centers that are currently supported by our Grant Program:


Birmingham Metro Treatment Center

Huntsville Metro Treatment Center

Mobile Metro Treatment Center

Montgomery Metro Treatment Center

Tri-County Treatment Center


Grand Junction Metro Treatment Center


Savannah Treatment Center


Semoran Treatment Center


Penobscot Treatment Center


Biloxi Treatment Center

Desoto County Treatment Center


Cape Girardeau Metro Treatment Center

St. Charles Treatment Center

St. Joseph Metro Treatment Center

St. Louis Metro Treatment Center

North Carolina

Durham Treatment Center

Fayetteville Treatment Center

South Carolina

Columbia Metro Treatment Center

Greenville Metro Treatment Center

York County Treatment Center


NW San Antonio Treatment Center

San Antonio Treatment Center


Harrisonburg Treatment Center

Richmond Treatment Center

Southside Treatment Center

At New Season Treatment Center, we are committed to helping individuals overcome the barriers they face in their journey to recovery. Our Grant Program is a beacon of hope for those who are financially disadvantaged but determined to transform their lives. With the support of grant funding, we aim to make addiction treatment accessible to all, ensuring that no one is left behind on their path to recovery. 

Together, we can bridge the gap between financial hardship and hope, providing the care and support our patients need to embark on a healthier, happier future.
If you or a loved one are interested in more information about grant-funded recovery treatment, please visit us online at or call today at (877) 284-7074.