At New Season Treatment Center, we are eager to announce the establishment of our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for opioid addiction treatment, which began on November 20 at the New Season Treatment Center of West Palm Beach

This groundbreaking program represents our commitment to providing a higher level of care to individuals battling opioid addiction and seeking long-term recovery. With a focus on structured treatment and enhanced support, the IOP aims to transform the lives of our patients, fostering healing in mind, body and spirit.

Providing a Higher Level of Patient Care

While New Season has a longstanding tradition of offering Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) services, the introduction of our Intensive Outpatient Program is a significant step forward in our dedication to patient well-being. The IOP offers an individual, family and group-based, structured treatment plan that revolves primarily around intensified counseling and education, addressing both substance-related and mental health stressors.

The program caters to individuals who seek a less restrictive level of care compared to inpatient programs and those looking to take preventative measures to avoid more extensive interventions like hospitalization. The overarching goal of our Intensive Outpatient Program is to empower patients to heal their bodies, minds and spirit, making them valuable contributors to their communities and cherished members of their families.

Key Components of the IOP

Our Intensive Outpatient Program has been meticulously designed to address a wide range of needs and create a well-rounded treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique journey. Here are the key areas we will focus on:

1. Wellness Education: We will guide patients in achieving a balance in their physical and emotional health and overall well-being.

2. Recovery Education: Activities and resources will be provided to help individuals better understand their condition and work toward the highest possible personal functioning and improved social and occupational interactions.

3. Resiliency Education: This component will concentrate on enhancing self-awareness of an individual’s strengths and building on those strengths as a foundation for sustainable recovery.

4. Family Education Counseling: Weekly sessions to address familial issues stemming from behaviors associated with substance use disorder and how to minimize their impact on these relationships and beyond.

A Word from the Director at  New Season Treatment Center of West Palm Beach

“We are excited to launch this very important pilot program. Our commitment to providing the highest level of quality and support for individuals battling opioid addiction is unwavering,” Stamatina Kokkoris, the program director at New Season Treatment Center of West Palm Beach, said.

“With the introduction of the Intensive Outpatient Program, we aim to empower our patients to heal, grow and thrive, contributing positively to their communities and families. Together, we can overcome the challenges of addiction and embrace the promise of recovery,” Kokkoris noted.

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Right for You?

MAT, when combined with counseling, has proven to be the most established and effective approach to overcoming opioid dependence. Medications like methadone, buprenorphine and Suboxone help stabilize the body, allowing patients to benefit from behavioral counseling, which in turn, positively influences their life goals, including work, relationships and wellness.

Who Benefits from Intensive Outpatient Programs?

Our IOP is designed for individuals aged 18 and over who are struggling with substance use disorder. This program is particularly suitable for those who may also be pregnant, involved in the criminal justice system, dealing with mental health disorders or managing chronic health conditions.

Coverage by Insurance

We understand the importance of access to quality care, and that’s why our Intensive Outpatient Program is covered by insurance. New Season accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most commercial insurance plans. For additional financial resources and payment options, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated treatment team.

Our Commitment to Quality

New Season Treatment Center is accredited and committed to providing the highest standard of care directed by experienced clinicians. We ensure quality monitoring by treatment professionals and offer individualized treatment to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Start Your Road to Recovery

New Season Treatment Center is dedicated to making recovery accessible. We have convenient hours of operation and accessible locations to ensure that you can receive the help you need. Patients must be 18 years or older with a primary addiction to opioids.

Our Vision and Commitment to Dignity

For more than 35 years, New Season Treatment Center has been a leading provider of quality care, dedicated to strengthening community wellness and vitality by addressing opioid addiction with the latest science, research, and proven models. We understand that every patient is unique, and our treatment approach respects the dignity, value and self-worth of each individual. We recognize that addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life and are committed to addressing these issues comprehensively.

We invite you to take the first step on your journey to recovery by reaching out to New Season Treatment Center and exploring our Intensive Outpatient Program. You don’t have to face addiction alone; we are here to support you every step of the way.

Call us at 1-877-284-7074 or contact us online.