New Season Treatment Center announces the launch of its new mobile opioid addiction treatment unit, “On the Road to Recovery,” set to begin service this summer. As an extension of the Portland Treatment Center, this innovative unit will provide crucial access to patients in rural areas, significantly reducing transportation barriers to treatment.

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A ribbon-cutting event will mark the official launch, with dates to be finalized soon. The mobile unit, a first-of-its-kind outside of tribal grounds in the Portland community, underscores New Season’s commitment to expanding access to Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) services.

“Our new mobile unit is a significant step in our mission to reach and serve more patients,” Jim Shaheen, CEO of New Season Treatment Center, said. “We recognize the urgent need for accessible treatment options in rural areas, and this initiative represents our dedication to addressing that need.”

The mobile unit will feature two dosing windows, allowing for quick and convenient daily dosing—an exceptional feature for these types of units. Unlike many other mobile units that only offer induction services, New Season’s unit is designed for comprehensive support and daily medication dispensation. While in-person crisis counseling will eventually be available on-site, virtual counseling services will be conducted via telehealth for convenient holistic care.

“We’re excited to bring this vital service to the Portland area,” Jessica Matthews, Senior Vice President of Operations, said. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive care that meets patients where they are, both literally and figuratively.”

Mike Garone, Senior Vice President of Business Development, emphasized the broader vision behind the launch. “This mobile unit is just the beginning. We hope to deploy many more units across different regions, ensuring that more communities have access to the life-saving care they need.”

Amanda Shepherd, Regional Director, added, “New Season’s mobile unit is providing the opportunity to support the community and city of Portland by providing treatment that is directly delivered to individuals in need, allowing us to break down any barriers that prevent someone from reaching treatment. This is an incredible honor to be a part of and to be able to begin our journey in the City of Portland!”

For more information about the mobile unit launch or to attend the ribbon-cutting event, please contact our Community Relations Team at


New Season Treatment Center is a leading provider of comprehensive medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder. With a network of centers dedicated to providing compassionate care and support, New Season is committed to helping individuals and communities overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery.


Kristen McCullough