There’s no time better than the holidays to get in the spirit of giving. As the Orlando Sentinel reports, two families devastated by opioid-related deaths are united for a “little Christmas magic.”

The story, in short, goes like this. Three young brothers were found abandoned on the side of a Central Florida highway with their parents deceased from a drug overdose. The boys were adopted by their grandparents, Mike and Lynne Belisle, and living in their home outside of Tallahassee, Fla. This year Hurricane Michael destroyed the house the boys and their grandparents were living. They needed a little hope and a lot of help, and got both in the way of a Christmas miracle.

Also stricken with unbearable grief, Jack and Donna Fletcher of Orlando, Fla., lost their first-born son to opioids. They created a GoFundMe account in their 31-year-old son’s honor that raised $1,600. Using these funds, the Fletchers played Santa to the three boys in North Florida who lost their parents to opioids and their home to a hurricane.

The news article detailed the gift exchange as such: 

“On a recent Saturday, the Fletchers rolled into the driveway in a van rented to hold all the loot for the kids and a surprise for Mike and Lynne.

“You were such good boys, Santa stopped by our house and dropped off some presents for you,” Jack Fletcher said when he greeted the brothers, who were wearing matching ‘Best Bro’ T-shirts.

Soon the families, strangers just hours before, were on the ground with the kids tearing open piles of gifts.”

Do yourself a huge favor this holiday season and enjoy this video from the Orlando Sentinel: It will warm your heart and open your mind.

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