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Lisa Caplette, program director of the New Season Daytona Treatment Center, addresses some of the questions we’re most often asked about the treatment of opioid use disorder.

Welcome to the eighth installment of our multi-part blog series that is providing our readers an inside look into the New Season organization, specifically how we provide top-notch treatment to our patients by administering medication-assisted treatment and professional counseling services across the 72 methadone clinics throughout the nation.

This blog post follows suit with the previous posts — “three questions in three minutes” with key and essential personnel in the New Season organization.

In this post, we’ll talk with one of our program directors at New Season, Lisa Caplette, from the Daytona Treatment Center, and she’ll address some of the questions we’re most often asked about our treatment centers.

Q & A with Lisa Caplette, a New Season Program Director

Question: What is the cost to the patient to undergo treatment?

Answer: The cost of care averages $15 per patient per day across our 70+ treatment centers nationwide. The relatively low cost for medical treatment includes all the services needed for recovery, including doctor visits, medical exams, medications, unlimited counseling and referral support.

In comparison to inpatient, residential and private doctor visits, our outpatient services are among the most affordable options for recovery. Additionally, we are working to become a Medicaid provider in all of our locations and also exploring multiple commercial insurance payers to be added as options.

One of the strong advantages of outpatient, MAT programs, is that the individual learns to recover and heal without the requirement to leave work, family or social obligations.  The added benefit of participating in treatment while continuing regular life activities is that the patient learns to work within their current environment, addressing changes that need to occur within their present circumstances.

Question: How many patients do you treat a day at your treatment centers?  

Answer: We see approximately 25,000 patients per day at our 72 locations across the U.S.

Question: What does a typical patient look like?  

Answer: Those who succumb to opioid misuse are from all walks of life and live in every part of the country. According to government data, heroin use has increased across the U.S. among men and women, most age groups, and all income levels. Some of the greatest increases occurred in demographic groups with historically low rates of heroin use, namely women, the privately insured and people in the higher income bracket.


Thank you for taking an inside look into the nation’s leading methadone clinic, New Season.

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