Advocates for Opioid Recovery recently released an intriguing video called, “Rewriting the Prescription on Opioid Treatment.” The short film produced by the non-profit organization strongly advocates for the expansion of medication-assisted treatment to recover patients with opioid use disorder, highlighting the type of treatment and recovery options offered by New Season.

The 6-minute production, starring recognizable politicians and a philanthropist, is filled with substantive information, and these are some of the most quote-worthy mentions:


“The notion that if someone has the disease of addiction that they somehow make the choice everyday to alienate all their friends and family, jeopardize their job, lose their housing, run into the law… no human willingly [chooses] that as a life if they can avoid it.”

— Patrick J. Kennedy, Former Congressman


“In all too many cases, somebody’s literally there just doing what the doctor told them to do. They go to the doctor, the doctor says here’s a big jar of pills. They take the pills, and their lives are destroyed. It shouldn’t be that way.”

— Van Jones, president and co-founder of #cut50


“Brain science is very rapidly teaching us more and more about the brain. What we’re learning is a couple of big ideas. First, that the brain can actually become physically addicted; it changes when you become addicted. Second, some opioids are very powerful, and people are predisposed to becoming addicted. Third, there are medication interventions that can have a dramatic impact on helping you recover and literally save your life from the addiction you might have.”

—Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives


Whether or not you’re an advocate of medication-assisted treatment in the recovery of patients with opioid use disorder, do yourself a favor and watch this video that’s supported by modern scientific research and patient outcome statistics. While it may not change your opinion, it will certainly deepen your empathy for those batting the disease.