New Season partnered with News 6 to help shed light on the Opioid Crisis and answer questions from viewers and the community at large.  CLICK HERE to see New Season Treatment Services Coordinator, Andrew LaFontant, talk about the opioid challenge and how New Season can help more people find the treatment option that best meets their needs.

During the full-day special, the most frequently questions included: what are the types of treatment available to individuals suffering from opioid addiction, the steps to enter into a treatment program and what are the locations nearest to the individual seeking treatment.  Although this one day special has already aired, New Season continues to support their own toll-free 24/7 hotline at 1-877-284-7074 to answer questions from individuals who may be addicted to painkillers or heroin or answer questions from their loved ones.

The hotline is also prepared to schedule appointments at any of the 70 New Season locations nationwide.  To find a location nearest you, CLICK HERE.