Todd Eury, Director of Business Development at New Season, is looking for community partners across all 70 New Season locations to join local Opioid Abuse Task Forces.  He is on a crusade to create meaningful partnerships with local organizations that will collaborate to combat the Opioid Crisis.

It is important to build an interdisciplinary team of community leaders, the local police and fire departments, emergency rooms, mental health institution leaders, recovery centers, churches, local resources like the food bank, shelters, and area employers that can work together and bring awareness to the dangers of opioids and provide crucial information to individuals on where they can go for help.

In Meridian, Eury has invited many community leaders to an open forum at the New Season in Meridian and started the needed discussion on how to work together.  This is a great step toward a collaborative effort that looks for local solutions.

Eury has also advanced the idea of a local Task Force in various other New Season locations including, Lee County in Florida, Biloxi in Mississippi, Uniontown in Pennsylvania, and continues to break ground in many more.

If you are interested in getting in contact with Eury and would like to work with New Season in developing a local Opioid Recovery Task Force in your area, please fill out the form on this page.