At St. Joseph Metro Treatment Center, the team feels a close connection to the symbolism of the new New Season brand logo.  Each of the team members have their own personal story and unique understanding of addiction in their own lives and those of their loved ones. That is why they feel such pride in working at New Season and knowing that they can help others in need and make a difference in the community.

It is because of their past experiences, that a few team members decided to get a tattoo of the New Season logo.  Each person used different colors to bring added meaning to their tattoo art.

Here, we share a short quote from each personal story about their tattoos with you:

“For me, this tattoo symbolizes those I have loved and lost to mental health and addiction/substance abuse, as well as those I continue to try and help each and every day of my life.”    ~ Brenda S.

“The New Season butterfly pried my heart open and it spoke to me deep down in my soul about who I was, why I am here and who I aspire to be.  It proves that no matter the climb, you can still be victorious.  Just like the metamorphosis that takes place before my eyes with each patient.  I AM A SURVIVOR.”    ~ Crystal C.

“The butterfly tattoo represents beginnings for me.”    ~ Tracy H.

My tattoo represents love, faith, wisdom, courage and knowledge for my family and that if we stand together, we as a family can fight addiction.  The stars can’t shine without darkness.”    ~ Patricia W.