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Watch this video to hear personal accounts and perspectives from first responders in West Virginia on the increasing toll of opioid overdoses. Overdose situations and deaths have a significant impact on the community at large, affecting people deeply beyond the immediate family. Increase your awareness and help us make a difference by healing the community one person at a time. If you know someone who is addicted to opioids, read this first to find out ways you can help someone you care about. At New Season, we offer an outpatient program that helps individuals follow treatment while still working, studying and continuing their daily activities and responsibilities, please click here for our location details in Uniontown.

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  1. When I come in or I should say crawled in that morning a little over a year ago I had no faith no hope almost nothing left. I met everyone at the clinic they took me in and slowly gave me a counselor that catered my counseling and my classes to my personal needs in my recovery began. The director is awesome and leads the Clinic with wonderful compassion and professionalism. The Doctor is a very compassionate doctor that will help you any way that he can and the counselor that they give you will cater your treatment plan for your needs and all of this together absolutely changed my life and still is there’s nothing that I can’t ask of my counselor if she doesn’t know the answer she will find the answer there’s nothing that they haven’t helped me with and I’m a work in progress but they help me every single day. And if I lose my way even for a second my counselor is there to help me get right back on track and the dedication of these people the staff is absolutely commendable and amazing. Not many people would get up that early to help people like me or so I thought but everyone in this Clinic is dedicated to what they do. An artist and there was a big part of my therapy where they even let me put a mural on the wall that helped me Express the way that I felt and I hope they know how much it means to me if I haven’t told them a hundred times already. But I heard you please come in here and get your life back…

    1. Mary, what an inspiration you are for others. If you are interested in sharing your story with our communications team, please email our marketing director at We’d be delighted to feature a patient profile on your success.